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We believe travel and adventure do wonders for the soul.

Throw in a positive mindset, camping chair and good view and the combination can be life changing. We also think Australia is vast as it is rich in people, places and experiences. That’s why we’ve always made it a priority to get out and see the country with our little family. But the ideal of exploring often remains just that: a concept far from reality. So, a few years ago over sips of Shiraz on a midsummer Tasmanian eve we resolved to offer you the drive to make it happen.

The Ryland’s soon began scouting the globe to bring the very best RVs to Australia. The business Cell was soon created and in doing so an opportunity arose to hit the road in a signature slide-out style caravan not yet seen on this country’s roads. Our fleet quickly grew and before we knew it, we needed a bigger backyard.

  • Coromal Element

    The Element, the perfect van for getting away to your favourite holiday spots, all year round. Head out for a day, a week or a year, it doesn't matter because when you travel in the Coro...


At Melbourne Caravan Centre we love taking the opportunity to talk with some of our owners about their adventures, their caravan and learn from their experience! So when full-time caravanners David, Sherree and Noah came in, we sat down and had a chat.  

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Today we look at the state of Western Australia and some of the top destinations. Being Australia’s largest state there really is plenty to see and do. While 92 percent of people living in WA are in the South-West corner, you should not limit your visit to just the capital city of Perth, with our top destinations, we will have you taking your caravan out on the road to explore the beauty of the expansive state of Western Australia.

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Port Augusta, South Australia is a natural harbor just over 3 hours’ drive from Adelaide, mainly located on the east coast of the Spencer Gulf. It was named after the wife of South Australia’s first Governor, Sir Henry Young. With a small population of just over 13,000 you will find plenty of shops, restaurants and bars in town as well as a whole range of places nearby to visit. We have identified some of the must visit places for you in our guide to Port Augusta.

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