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We believe travel and adventure do wonders for the soul.

Throw in a positive mindset, camping chair and good view and the combination can be life changing. We also think Australia is vast as it is rich in people, places and experiences. That’s why we’ve always made it a priority to get out and see the country with our little family. But the ideal of exploring often remains just that: a concept far from reality. So, a few years ago over sips of Shiraz on a midsummer Tasmanian eve we resolved to offer you the drive to make it happen.

The Ryland’s soon began scouting the globe to bring the very best RVs to Australia. The business Cell was soon created and in doing so an opportunity arose to hit the road in a signature slide-out style caravan not yet seen on this country’s roads. Our fleet quickly grew and before we knew it, we needed a bigger backyard.

  • Coromal Atlas

    Have you ever dreamed of waking up in the morning and escaping to the great outdoors? The Coromal Atlas Pop-Top allows you to do just that. Combining a spacious modern interior with a co...

  • Cell River

    A cut above the rest and punching well above its weight is the River, the baby of the Cell family. At 18'6" in length this caravan cruises comfortably behind your vehicle before becoming...

  • Windsor Rapid

    The perfect match for young active families seeking their signature Australian touring style, the Rapid is the ideal first move for a lifetime of breathtaking holiday experiences. ...


When Heather and Paul were in the dealership with their Cell Viewfinder, we decided to take this great opportunity to pick their brains and put their vast knowledge to good use. We sat down and asked why they were attracted to the caravan lifestyle, the best things they have experienced and any tips they could share. 

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Palm Cove, located in Australia’s North East is a tropical getaway must. There is plenty to see and do in Palm Cove, along with endless amounts of opportunities to relax and soak up the sun. Where you can dictate your own holiday at your own pace, here are the need to knows about Palm Cove, Queensland.


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Today the Melbourne Caravan Team have been busy identifying ways you can improve the technology in your caravan. While we understand not everybody is a tech head, these simple yet effective tips will be sure to improve and assist your everyday caravan lifestyle.

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